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Political Engagement

We have experience working at national and local council level and develop our political strategies to reflect the current situation on the ground. This includes liaison with parish and town councils, district, borough and unitary authority Councillors along with Council Leaders and Planning Committee members. We will ensure they are correctly engaged in the planning process and understand the benefits that new development and growth can bring.

Community Consultation

We deliver high quality public consultations that engage all sectors of the community including hard to reach groups using a range of methods to deliver successful engagement programmes. This includes online consultation, design workshops, charrettes, public meetings, sponsorship programmes, school engagement and exhibitions.

We seek to engage positively with local communities and to help them understand the benefits as well as the impacts that new development can bring. We pride ourselves in the quality of the events we run and ensure that LPA requirements for consultation are adhered to and best practice followed.

This service includes building and hosting project websites, manning project email addresses and telephone inquiries.

Due Diligence

Understanding the local political landscape, along with the local community context plays a key role in helping to deliver good and intelligent planning applications. Prior to the purchase or option on a site being agreed we will complete an audit of the local community. We will research all key Councillors, local stakeholders, review the local demographics and analyse community issues. This helps identify opportunities and risks at the very earliest stage and ensures clients are fully informed when deciding about progressing with a planning application on their land.

Media Relations

We can handle all liaison with the local media in relation to the development site. If appropriate this will include drafting and circulating press releases and responding to press enquiries on a case by case basis to ensure a correct and accurate picture is portrayed. We will also advise on the use of social media, with our suggested approach tailored on the specific site and project.


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